Battling chronic illness is intense! I mean really, really, intense. When you don’t know what you are going to get from one day to the next, it really messes with you.

It is especially difficult when your symptoms change day to day. I.e. last month you slept great and now you have insomnia again. WTF?! What did you do wrong?!

You retrace your steps and just like that the temptation to blame yourself for the setbacks slowly creeps in. It grows until it takes over and blame yourself for the entire illness.

Stop Blaming Yourself – I think I am FINALLY making some progress with this.

You find yourself thinking things like, “I shouldn’t have eaten that burrito” “It’s the soda, why did I have that soda?!”. “That’s why I am not sleeping!” It’s hard.

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A little of My Story with Chronic Illness (the short version)

I was completely bedridden for 4 years after being diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.

After two years of passing out every time I tried to sit up, I finally started to see small improvements. It was a great to see progress, but I still had a long way to go to get my life back.

The next two years

The two years after I was able to sit up again saw further improvements. I took small steps without passing out, but was still home or bed bound.

I am now doing great. I get to travel the world with my husband, but I still battle regular symptoms and flare ups.

There are so many people suffering from chronic conditions that need support. This is why I started a private Facebook group where we can all share our feelings without the fear of someone from work or our personal live’s reading our comments. Hate that! (Details below)

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I hope you found this video helpful. Also I hope you know that you are not alone in this. Feel free to comment with your thoughts below! Also, if you want to join our private community on Facebook you can join us here.

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