The Best Leggings for Belly Bloat

Just because you have belly bloat it does not mean you have to be uncomfortable – not anymore. I found the BEST leggings for a bloated belly.

Bloating is becoming more and more of an issue for so many women (and men?), but we might as well learn how to make the most of it.

For those who don’t want to read the full article, it’s these ones here!

Alo Leggings

These are the best leggings for belly bloat

Alo leggings (shop here) are unlike any other brand I have tried. They are 100% worth the higher price point and the stretch and comfort blew me away.

Why are these the best? A few reasons.

1. They stretch comfortably.

Most leggings “stretch”, hence the nickname “stretchy pants”. They do NOT all stretch comfortably. Alo leggings do. Because they stretch so well you can even wear your regular size comfortably when swollen and bloated.

2. They don’t cut into you when you sit down or bend over

See example on the left.

And the best part is that when I bend over in these (even when bloated), the leggings do not feel like a seat belt across my stomach in a car accident. Yes!

Where can you buy Alo Leggings?

You can buy them at Aloyoga (free 2 day shipping – free returns). This is where I buy mine for the most part. I listed other options below.

  • Nordstrom – Free shipping & Free Returns (They don’t offer the same selection as Alo Yoga .com but they will offer sales fairly frequently)
  • Revolve
  • Alo Yoga