Albolene Cream For Weight Loss: Does it actually work?

Albolene Cream Weight Loss: Can you use Albolene to Lose Weight?

I know what you’re thinking – there’s a cream called Albolene that helps you to lose weight? Sure, right, whatever you say. 

I can’t say I’m not all a complete skeptic, but I thought I’d at least write you an article about what this weight loss fad is all about.

First a little history on Albolene…

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Albolene Cream for Weight Loss

What is Albolene Cream?

Albolene was created in 1905 and quickly became known as a moisturizing cleanser delicate enough for ultra sensitive skin and promoted as a solution for younger looking skin.

It’s labeled as both a cream and a cleanser because it IS both – it’s a creamy cleanser. Think the texture of Vaseline but more oily and smoother.

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Anyway – as time moved on people started to notice allegedly see a difference in their ability to lose weight when wearing this cream.

So how DO you use Albolene cream for weight-loss…

Well, let me tell you… people actually apply Albolene for stomach and belly fat. Meaning they smooth the cream onto their abdomens and then go workout.

Can you really use Albolene to lose weight?

According to the multiple videos and articles around the Internet it does. 

My guess is, sure, it can make you sweat because it has a very thick consistency. Making it difficult for your skin to “breathe” if you don’t wash it off. So you are essentially making yourself into your own sauna.

Some believe saunas have a similar effect so perhaps Albolene does work for cutting weight… I’ll let you decide.

Where to purchase Albolene…

If you’re interested in hoping on this “bandwagon” or purchasing some for your skin, which I can personally recommend, you can find it at pretty much any drugstore or superstore. A lot of people find good prices on Albolene at CVS and Walmart.

So, what are your thoughts… does Albolene help you lose weight?