How to Tell if you have a Real Himalayan Salt Lamp

How to Tell Real vs. Fake Salt Lamps

So you don’t want to buy a fake Himalayan Salt Lamp? Me neither! These lamps are so trendy right now I wouldn’t be surprised if over half of them on the market are completely fake.

In fact, I was so curious to try and figure out whether or not my Himalayan Salt Lamp was real that I actually licked it. It was VERY salty. However, I am still skeptical. I bought it at homegoods and it was pretty cheap. (love that store!)

Real Himalayan salt lamps come from pieces of Himalayan salt crystals. When you choose an authentic one, you get more than a decoration. You get many benefits from the negative ions the alt produces. 

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Is your Himalayan salt lamp real or fake? Here’s how to tell!

While imitation is a sincere form of flattery, it does you no good to buy a fake Himalayan salt lamp. Here’s how to know you’re getting the real deal.

Where does the Himalayan Pink Salt come from?

It comes from the Khewra Salt Mine

True Himalayan pink salt comes from these mines on the western side of the Himalayas. It should say the product is from Pakistan, the point at which this salt is harvested. 

Does your Real Himalayan Salt Lamp Sweat? It should!

Yes, that is right. A real Himalayan salt will absorb moisture in the environment and coupled with the heat of the lamp, cause it to sweat. If yours doesn’t, it’s a fake.

It chips and crumbles

If you find pieces of crumbs in the box your Himalayan salt lamp came from, it’s a pretty good sign that it’s a real Himalayan salt lamp. They’re hard but brittle so they will naturally chip.

Note – When looking at mine it looks like it has a shiny plastic like thing around the outside of it. Anyone else noticed this with their lamps?

The light is dim and uneven

When looking at your lamp, it should have a dim, uneven glow. The color should be a bit pink or orange, but it won’t be bright enough to read with. The pattern of the light will be irregular too. If not, it’s not real. 

It’s not cheap

Beware of cheap knock-offs that are sold at low prices. If it’s too cheap, there’s a reason why…it’s fake! Especially if you are in the market for a large himalyan salt lamp.

Himalayan salt lamps recall

Before you buy the Himalayan salt lamp you’ve had your eye on, do a quick search to see if there was a recall on it. Ones sold at Michaels were recalled because they were causing fires. Another reason to be certain you’re buying authentic!

Where to buy a real Himalayan salt lamp

Wondering how to find a real Himalayan salt lamp? You need to look at it for the imperfections it has and check the other signs of fakeness from above. That coupled with going with a reputable vendor will ensure you’ve got a true lamp.

How do you know if you have found a reputable vendor without all the FAKE reviews? 

A real vendor will offer you a proper return policy and one that protects against damages during the shipping process. This will tip you off that you’re truly buying a real Himalayan salt lamp that will improve your health and well-being.

What tips do you have for finding a real Himalayan salt lamp?