WTF is Cat’s Claw & Will it Help Heal Your Chronic Health Issues?

So you are wondering what Cat’s Claw is? You have come to the right place.

Keep reading to learn more about this powerful herb and how you may be able to use it to help heal your chronic illness and improve your health.

Disclaimer – I am not a doctor and am only speaking from my personal experience. Please do not take my word for any of this and talk to your doctor about it.

Am I the only one that had no clue what Cat’s Claw was?

Honestly, before writing this post I was still a little confused.

I have been taking it on and off for the last year now with the hopes that it will help me beat my chronic illness. And well, so far so good. I am the healthiest I have been in years and am feeling beyond optimistic that I will soon return to full health. Fingers crossed!

What is Cat’s Claw?

Uncaria tomentosa – Cat’s Claw is a woody vine that is found in South and Central America. It is known as cat’s claw or uña de gato in Spanish because of its claw-shaped thorns.

Where can you buy Cat’s Claw?

You can buy it from a number of health stores but I always buy mine from Amazon. I have this 4 oz bottle I linked below and it has lasted me 6 months.

IMPORTANT – When choosing what Cat Claw you will try keep in mind that you want to avoid any tea’s or tinctures with alcohol, additives, citric acid, natural flavors and artificial flavors.

Cat’s Claw Tincture

Cat's Claw Tincture

Cat’s Claw Tea

Cat’s Claw Benefits

After spending years in bed battling severe illness my immune system was left completely depleted. I seemed to catch everything and anything and it didn’t matter what I did to try and avoid getting sick. Without fail, every 2 weeks I had some new virus my body had to try and fight.

Cat’s Claw helps strengthen your immune system. It will help fight off the common cold, flu, or other viruses and bacteria you might pick up along the way.

According to the Medical Medium Cat’s claw can help alleviate almost any symptom, from neurological to digestive.

Pretty crazy, right?

He claims it helps to kill off parasites, strep and Epstein Barr Virus. It has worked for me and I hope it will help you with whatever condition you are currently battling.

Have you ever used Cat’s Claw? Did you feel like it made a difference for your health? Let me know in the comments below.

Is it safe for pregnancy?

No. If you’re pregnant or trying to conceive, keep cat’s claw out of your medicinal regimen. 

For more information on the exact diet and supplement recommendations I followed to help heal my chronic illness check out the medical medium blog.