April 2019 Milestones – Recovery from POTS Syndrome

April Milestones | 2019

It is always encouraging for me to step back and see how far I have come, even though there are seemingly endless set backs when it comes to recovering from a chronic condition. It helps being able to step back and see the progress.

What milestones did you hit this month? Let me know in the comments, or you can always comment on Instagram @avenlylaneinspire.

4/2/19 Milestone!! First video on Instagram with over 3,000 views.

I am new to video posting so this feels like a big accomplishment. I need to keep getting better. The video is of the Burj Khalifa Fountain Show in Dubai.

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4/6/19 MILESTONE Nephew’s Birthday! Actually did well

Every small step forward counts, and I am counting. Haha.

I did pretty well at the party. I got really tired after, but it was a blessing to be able to go at the end of a busy week.

4/8/19 MILESTONE! I drove myself to the Strip to meet a friend at the pool.

Loud music, lots of people, and I still did really well! I am thankful to be blessed with the ability to live a more normal life. My goal was to take it a step further by not wearing my noise cancelling headphones on.

Sometimes I give myself little challenges to help me feel like there is a purpose to pushing through the fatigue. It worked. I felt like I accomplished something that ultimately helps further my recovery.

4/9/19 MILESTONE! I drove myself to give blood and after went shopping. I felt great!

I hate giving blood. The last few times I gave blood I passed out and it took me days to recover. This time was different. After I laid in my car for about 30 minutes before feeling well enough to drive.

I was extra thirsty for the rest of the day, but otherwise I felt great!

4/18 First video with over 4,000 views

First video on @avenlylanetravel instagram with over 4,000 views!

With social media I have been scared to try new things. It is easy to get comfortable and continue doing the same things – even if you don’t like them anymore. I was not getting anywhere by doing the same things that people recommended.

Now I am doing my own thing. My plan is to constantly try new ways to reach more people. Here is the video if you are interested in checking it out.

First time in Taiwan – Travel Milestones

4/26 First flight with no medication (and in the morning!!) yay!

First flight with no medication.

4/26/19 Recovered after a small breakdown after 30 hours of travel to Taiwan (Also, my longest flight segment on the front end of a trip! San-Fran to Taiwan is 13:45 flight)

My body completely shut down by the end of a REALLY long travel day to Taiwan. For the first time I was able to pull myself out of a state of horrible agitation. Normally it would just get worse and worse until I falling asleep (if I could even fall asleep) .This time it passed pretty quickly. Thank goodness.

4/27/19 First time using public transportation while traveling the entire day!

First time using public transportation on a trip! Big milestone!

I was even able to stand on the metro. It was hard and there were so many times I wanted to sit down on the floor, but I was able to continue to stand (especially difficult with the crowds).

It may not sound like much, but this one was huge!

I know there were more milestones this month, but I did not record all of them. I need to do better!

What milestones did you have this month? Let me know in the comments – or you can always comment on Instagram @avenlylaneinspire.