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I battled a debilitating chronic illness (POTS Syndrome) utilizing The Medical Medium protocols. No matter where you are in your health journey these tips will help. Everything you should know about the Medical Medium Diet. All from my own personal experience. After spending 4 years bedridden with a debilitating illness I used the Medical Medium protocols to regain my health and my life. These are my best tips on how to implement the Medical Medium Diet.

Medical Medium Foods to Avoid

medical medium foods to avoid
So you want to try the medical medium protocol? In this post I will list all the medical medium foods to avoid.

The Medical Medium Liver Rescue Smoothie

Looking for an effective liver cleanse smoothie? This liver rescue smoothie from Anthony William's (aka The Medical Medium) is incredible. It is...

WTF is Cat’s Claw & Will it Help Heal Your Chronic...

Cat's Claw helped heal my chronic condition
So you are wondering what Cat's Claw is? You have come to the right place. Keep reading to learn...

The Medical Medium Protocol- It Isn’t about Belief, I Want Results

I believe
Anthony Williams & The Medical Medium Protocol It isn't about belief, I want results I have...