I Believe I Can Succeed

Sony A7iii

I Believe

Today is October 31, 2018 and I feel like for the first time I just told myself in the most real way that I believe in myself and my ability to succeed with my business goals.

I had no idea how hard it would be in invest that money into new camera equipment. But it was so hard! I felt like something was fighting me the whole way.

A week before the purchase I just couldn’t stop thinking about it!

Logically, it didn’t really make sense to buy a brand new camera when we have a camera that works fine. Dropping 4k on new camera equipment didn’t only seem necessary, but slightly foolish.

But the feeling wouldn’t leave.

I spoke to my husband about my impressions and he was supportive.

The anxiety built as I purchased the new camera and lens, feeling like I was wasting our money, the business’s money that we work so hard to maintain.

But I did it! And now I see things clearly.

The struggle wasn’t about the money (well, maybe a small part;). But for the first time in a very real way I just told myself that I believe in you.

You can succeed and my ideas and purpose is worth investing in. So invest I did!

I know now more than ever that it was the right decision and that this new camera gear will only help the business I am trying to create.

Check it out below, it was love at first snap.

Sony a7 III Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

By the way, it has been a few days since my purchase and oh my gosh!! This camera is freaking amazing! Worth every penny!

You can check it out here on Amazon

Sony – FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM Wide-angle Zoom Lens

The lens is incredible as well. Mind blown.

Have you made any tough decisions like that regarding your goals and dreams?


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