3-6-9 Liver Rescue Cleanse – Everything to Know Before You Start

Are you looking for the best liver rescue diet plan? In the Medical Medium Diet specially catered for your liver health. Anthony Williams lays out the best foods for your liver in a (somewhat brutal) 9 day liver cleanse called 3-6-9 Liver Rescue Cleanse.

I decided to do the Medical Medium 3-6-9 Liver Rescue Cleanse. If you’ve read Anthony William’s book “Liver Rescue“, you know that even following it for 9 days is a pretty big commitment.

Liver Rescue

I know that it sounds crazy to some people, but I saw dramatic improvements to my health when I first started drinking celery juice (Read more about my experience with celery juice here). Given that I’m still hoping to make further health improvements, I thought why not give it a shot.

What is the 3-6-9 Liver Rescue Diet?

The 3-6-9 Liver Rescue Cleanse is a 9 day diet plan focused on helping to restore and gently cleanse toxins from your liver. (Although there was nothing “gentle” about my cleansing experience if you know what I mean.)

Why is it called the 3-6-9 Liver Rescue Cleanse?

The diet is called 3-6-9 because there are 3 phases to this Medical Medium Liver Cleanse days 1-3, days 4-6 (The hardest in my opinion), days 7-9.

More than “just going vegan”

My husband basically described the 9 day diet as simply going vegan, but it is much more involved than that. The plan is very specialized, and doesn’t let you select from that many options (especially depending on the day). You will be stuck eating a lot of Liver Rescue Salad. More on that later.

I’ll report back with my final results, but given that following this diet is a little bit more of an ordeal than expected, I thought some highlights on things to know and how to prepare would be helpful.

What you need to know before starting the Medical Medium Diet – Liver Rescue

You will not want to skip over this section.

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The Food is Really specialized – No, REALLY specialized

I spent hours and hours chasing down foods that I didn’t know previously existed. I thought that kabocha squash was the same as acorn squash. It’s definitely not, even though it looks like a bigger version of it.

Arrowroot powder? I still don’t know what it is, but thankfully I tracked it down to be able to make the recipes.

Oh, and the hardest part was finding an applesauce with no other ingredients other than apples. Seriously, even most of the organic ones had something else included on their ingredient lists. I ended up finding applesauce with no other ingredients at Whole Foods, which brings me to my next point.

Liver rescue recipes applesauce

It’s expensive

Not only did I have to take the time to go to multiple grocery stores, but the checkout was painful each time. A lot of the items are pretty expensive.

While I love Whole Foods, I would have to take out a second mortgage on my house to be able to shop there full time. No, Amazon buying Whole Foods them didn’t make the prices cheaper in any way, but I have to give them props that they do have obscure health products.

Be prepared to spend a little bit more on this diet than normal. Even though produce usually isn’t too expensive, there are some pretty exotic items that cost more to get…papaya, dragon fruit, kelp noodles, etc.

Pictures in Liver Rescue Book aren’t exactly accurate

I felt a little disappointed when I made some of the Liver Rescue recipes and they didn’t look like the pictures in Liver Rescue. Upon closer inspection, the pictures often contain ingredients that aren’t actually in the recipes, or are missing ingredients that are. 

I get that everyone probably buys stock photos, I just wasn’t expecting it with these recipes.

My Top Tips To Help You Survive the Liver Rescue 3-6-9 Cleanse

Go to multiple grocery stores, or pre-order some of the ingredients on Amazon. We were able to buy organic, raw honey on Amazon easily and upon writing this article I also found arrowroot powder on Amazon. Price matched, the Liver Rescue grocery list was about the same on amazon as the whole foods etc.

Whole foods is good for finding those obscure items that you can’t find anywhere else.

Some of the foods have a unique taste, so try making them ahead of time. I.e. the homemade salad dressing tastes wildly different depending if the cayenne pepper is added in, or what types of oranges are used.

Whatever you do, don’t run out of key ingredients. We ran out of oranges and used tangerines instead for the Liver Rescue salad dressing and I was literally choking down my salad. My throat was convulsing from the terrible taste.

Good luck, read about how it worked for me soon!