Theragun Review: The Best Percussion Massager

Pain motivates people to do stupid things. Was buying a $400 massager without ever trying one a mistake?

I do NOT regret buying a Theragun to help treat my chronic pain, keep reading to find out why.

Of all the message devices out there, why the Theragun?

I’ll be honest, I love getting massages, but going to a massage therapist is expensive and my husband’s hands are too weak and get tired too quick (sorry Calvin, it’s true). Also, I often need relief from specific knots or a sore muscle group after an intense workout.

As soon as I saw the Theragun, I knew it could be the solution to my problem.I wanted one, but at a price point of at least $350 for the lower end model and $600 for the more expensive model, I wasn’t sure how I could justify the cost.

After spending four years bedridden the muscle repairing and rebuilding process is extremely painfulI. On a daily basis I had severe muscle pain, but I still wondered if such an expensive tool would actually be helpful, or just an excessive luxury.

In a desperate attempt to ease my pain I took the plunge and ordered the $399 G3 model (Check it out here). 

Do I regret this decision?

Short answer – no, the massager has helped reduce my pain significantly, and provided many other ancillary benefits. I also used to get massages every month and I have skipped my last 4 because I have not had the pain that a massage would typically help with. The Theragun has almost completely replaced my massage therapist. (The hand held massager has paid for itself plus some already!)

The Benefits of Percussion Therapy

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After using a Theragun percussion massager for six months I have experienced a number of benefits. They are…

  • Helps sore muscles heal faster (less pain)
  • Relaxes tight muscles
  • Destroys painful knots
  • Improves drainage of the lymphatic system
  • Enhances flexibility
  • Improves blood flow – more oxygen to your muscles – more energy
  • Increased energy after use
  • Doesn’t require a second person as It is easy to use on yourself

Basically, a massage gun capitalizes on the same benefits that massage in general provides the body. Getting the massage benefits by myself with a Theragun in as many or as few needed spots on my body is enormously helpful. 

The Theragun is easy to plug into the wall to charge, and then runs for 60 minutes before needing to be charged again. It comes with a bunch of different attachments to concentrate and reach all parts of the body, though I generally just leave the medium sized ball attachment on.

For hard to reach spots in my back I will slide the Theragun between two couch cushions and percusively pound back knots away while watching TV.

How often do I use my Theragun?

I use my Theragun every day, and frequently multiple times a day. It comes in especially handy after a long flight or a tough workout. 

Surprisingly, when I use it first thing in the morning it helps me wake up and function sooner. It soothes stiff muscles after a night of sleep. 

I also use it frequently before bed. At night I tend to get restless and by using the percussion therapy massager right before bed, I’ve noticed that I am not as restless and in less pain when trying to fall asleep.

Which model should you buy?

Do you have to buy the Theragun? Or is there a cheaper option?

Currently there are 3 models offered. The liv model (cheapest option), the G3 model – this is the one I use and love, and the G3PRO model.

Full disclosure, I’ve now only sampled a couple of other brands, and none with enough familiarity to offer a genuine review. What I can say is that I have friends that tried to go with the cheaper model. While their results with percussive massage therapy have also been positive, the trade-off is often less battery life and not quite as much power to pound out some of the toughest knots. 

Why we bought the G3 Model

Even though I went with the mid tier G3 Theragun model instead of the higher cost G3PRO model, I found the power and battery life to be more than sufficient for myself. For those looking to relieve muscle pain, I fully recommend trying out this hand held masseuse!

Liv Model (Cheapest model)

They also offer a third model that they market has perfect for everybody. It’s called the liv model and really seems like a great option for those not needing professional level massages and treatments. The liv model costs $299 but I have found that the Theragun website runs sales quite frequently.